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Electric Logos

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Electric Logos presents our captivating new technology. You won’t find any bulbs in our product because our lights are created by emitted photons (light particles) is response to a small current.  This leaves you with a versatile bendable light that is actually thinner than a credit card.

Great for your home, office, man cave, nightlight in a kids room, dorm rooms, or even your car!  When decals disappear… your ELECTRIC LOGOS will light up the night.  Electric Logos is a tailgating must have!  Great gift idea of that loved one that thinks they have everything.  Includes:  Light up panel, rechargeable lithium battery, car charger, wall charger and reversible suction cups for facing in or out.  Check out our amazing product video on skymall.com.

Electric Logos - No bulbs, bendable light


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